Thanks to 300 friends for their true evaluation of MIC18.

05: 05 11 Nov 19
They helped me setup my personal studio recording in Hong Kong. Friendly advice and fair price on: mixers / speakers / amplifier / audio interface / microphoneRecommended!
12: 52 12 Oct 19
Special price, rich choice Great selection and excellent price.
05: 57 11 Oct 19
(Translated by Google) well(Original) is very good
18:15 08 Jul 19
They sell quality items at reasonable prices
11: 01 09 Sep 19
Mics sold are professional, the price is reasonable, very good.
10:38 21 Dec 18
Fair price, easy to locate this store. Also have delivery service, maybe I will try ordering thru whatsapp to save time.
13: 07 23 May 19
(Translated by Google) (Original) today to buy performance horns with teammates. It is rare to have a few different brands of DEMO, you can listen. Summary prices and choices are good.
12:09 20 Aug 18
Great service and honesty in doing business.
07: 49 17 May 19
Good prices and offers delivery service. Staff handling their WhatsApp account was very friendly.
11: 45 30 May 18
It is not only a specialty store for Mifeng, but also a large number of opinions.
13: 33 23 19 Sea
Professional audio shop with good & friendly service.
06: 07 15 May 18
Went to Mic18 shop bought whole set of gears for recording, had a wonder experience there! The staff Jason is very helpful and very knowledgeable, I am a totally newbie and he gave me a lot of useful advise on what I can buy and how the I would definitely recommend this shop to everyone who need audio equipment!
13: 24 09 19 Sea
(Translated by Google) I don't know much about it. I visited it for the first time today. I found a lot of microphones here, and the salesperson was very polite and very eager to serve me. (Original) Too many, I visited for the first time today, I found a lot of microphones here, and the salesperson was very polite and very enthusiastic to serve me.
06: 09 07 18 Sea
Purchase for all my needs home studio 5 star for you mic18
07:21 14 Feb 19
Helpful staff. Great products.
04: 02 08 Nov 17
Found this place on Google during my visit to HK.Came here and bought a mixer for my gig.Happy with the staff and price.
03:56 23 Jan 19
(Translated by Google) The goods are complete, the price is fair, and the scale is good. (Original) goods are complete, the price is fair, good scale
04: 21 19 Oct 17
I want to play computer recording, so I bought the left Amazing Package. It's easier to use than I thought. Plug-in + download Free software is available.
11:23 19 Dec 18
Many many microphones.
04: 30 27 Sep 17
Great people and great service. I got everything I wanted and of a great quality.
06: 16 24 Nov 18
Got quite a collection of audio equipments specially microphones. Around 10mins walk from the mtr.
04: 07 24 Sep 17
MY BEST AUDIO STORE ANYTIME ANY DAY! They are absolutely amazing.
12: 35 13 Oct 18
(Translated by Google) Explain in detail (Original) explains in detail
22: 32 23 Sep 17
Great equipment with great service. Everything you could possibly need for your event.
12:15 20 Aug 18
(Translated by Google) The price is fair, there is a mind to explain, I will blow old. (Original) The price is fair, there is a mind to explain, I will blow old.
13: 31 21 Sep 17
They have exactly what I needed and the quality of the mic was great. Great service! I highly recommend them.
11: 05 15 May 18
(Translated by Google) Variety of quality (Original) variety of quality
04:22 31 Jul 17
There are many types of products, the price is reasonable, the important clerk service is too good, professional, it is recommended
10: 07 07 April 18
Great selection. The staff explains clearly.
05: 13 03 April 17
Excellent service. Courteous staff. Great and reliable products.
04: 58 19 Oct 17
Just bought a set of PA systems here... Great service and reasonable price
14: 48 24 17 Sea
If you're looking for Grado headphones or other audiophile equipment then look no further.
09:27 23 Jun 17
Great products, good value for money, brilliant and efficient knowledgeable service received on two visits to their store. I purchased Audio Technica AT9941, Samson Expedition XP106w, AKG D5 microphone and KRK Rockit 6 G3 studio monitoring speaker.
11: 47 24 17 Sea
I had an excellent experience buying a high end piece of audio equipment from these guys. They answered my many (probably excessive in their eyes) questions, and were at all times professional and courteous. I give them a strong recommendation.
05: 07 06 May 17
(Translated by Google) Reasonable price, a few good wins in attitude, and patience to explain (Original), fair price, good service attitude, and patience
08: 19 21 17 Sea
The first time I bought the wild, the sales of the four-eyed brother was a professional analysis. I listened to each kind of difference, I feel very attentive, the price is fair, it is worth recommending
09: 52 14 April 17
Great product with good price! Terrific customer service!
15:16 17 Feb 17
Conscience boss, the price is fair!
03: 15 25 17 Sea
(Translated by Google) Many different brands of cash, professional staff, good helpful. (Original) many different brands of spot, professional staff, good helpful.
07:23 17 Feb 17
Professional / Reliable / Reasonable price / Can meet the requirements of any audio on the guest / recommended
08: 44 19 Nov 16
Great pro audio, expansive selection.
05:57 17 Feb 17
The clerk's attitude is good, the products are good, and will definitely help again!
12: 35 12 Oct 19
Best price of Shure SM58 mics in Hong Kong.
14:40 16 Feb 17
A lot of choices... The service is well followed!
10:02 15 Jul 19
(Translated by Google) (Original) good service, good quality
14:23 16 Feb 17
Reasonable price and first-class service
13: 51 09 April 19
(Translated by Google) (Original) professional audio consultant
12:46 16 Feb 17
The waiter is kind, courteous, praise
10:50 23 Feb 19
Good price good instrument
12:05 16 Feb 17
Reasonable price, excellent service👍
10:41 21 Dec 18
Had no idea how to choose a mic.Helpful staff tells me the difference, and allow me to test a few of them.Chose an AKG D5 finally.Recommended!
12:02 16 Feb 17
Buy a small Xiaoye are detailed. The clerk has a good attitude. awesome
16: 19 22 Nov 18
(Translated by Google) One-stop audio service, recommended! (Original) one-stop audio service, recommended!
12:01 16 Feb 17
The clerk is a good person, explain the details!
07:14 10 Aug 18
Had been sales since I am a student, now I am an audio professional. Still a big fan of Mic18 !
12:00 16 Feb 17
The place is comfortable and the products are complete.
03:48 15 Jan 18
(Translated by Google) Buy singing microphone more flat (Original) buy a singer is relatively flat
11:51 16 Feb 17
Good service attitude, quality is also ok, I will marry you next time.
06: 54 06 May 17
(Translated by Google) Good service attitude! The price is reasonable! (Original) good service attitude! The price is reasonable!
11:40 16 Feb 17
Sincere, cordial, honest, and there is a need for audio.
08: 35 25 17 Sea
(Translated by Google) Diversified product range, good service attitude (Original) product variety, good service attitude
11:15 16 Feb 17
The clerk has a good attitude and everything is in good condition.
11: 51 16 Nov 15
(Translated by Google) The products are in line and the delivery is fast.(Original)產品齊,送貨快。
10:45 16 Feb 17
Good service attitude and reasonable price
13: 25 17 May 19
Bought a few times during my 2 year stay in Hong Kong.Happy with their services and prices.
06:40 16 Feb 17
Very professional and diversified, customer first
06:42 14 Feb 19
(Translated by Google) The clerk can provide professional advice and the price is acceptable. (Original) clerk can provide professional advice, the price is acceptable.
06:27 16 Feb 17
Nice is wrong, if the clerk can explain the product is better
16: 47 03 Oct 18
This shop has the best selection of microphones and PA system in Hong Kong.
04:28 16 Feb 17
Complete products, can arrange delivery
11:40 23 Jun 17
Everything from product to customer service was amazing. From the moment I walked in these guys were awesome!! Needed a Samson Expedition XP106w, the guys were so patient and tested the product to make sure everything. So great!! I will be back for More business.
11:18 15 Feb 17
Helped many times. The clerk is knowledgeable, the price is fair, and the monthly discount is especially good.
16: 50 22 17 Sea
I am a repeated customer, they have excellent price and very good selection for DSLR sound products
17:57 03 Dec 16
Bought a pair of qsc speakers here.Great prices and lots of selections.Will buy again.
01: 04 10 19 Sea
(Translated by Google) The supplies are extremely complete, the salesperson is knowledgeable and has an excellent attitude. (Original) supplies are extremely complete, the salesperson is knowledgeable and has an excellent attitude.
08: 44 12 Nov 14
Thank you for choosing the right recording product for me. Originally, I had a budget of several thousand yuan, and the clerk helped 1 to meet my requirements. Thx thx !
04: 06 30 April 18
Great service, helpful staff that spoke good English. Top equipment and they setup to test in store to get the best setup for what I need.
05: 31 08 Sep 14
09: 41 22 Sep 19
Helped my restaurant equipped with PA system at reasonable price.Thank you.
01:11 02 Jun 14
There are many brand choices, the query is quickly replied, the ordering and pick-up service is reliable, and it is also the authorized seller of Shure, Sennheiser and other hall-level brands.
15: 29 30 April 17
Great service! Sales people helpful and courtesy. Their WhatsApp chat is a real timesaver... They helped me choose the product first, I can know the price and options before I come... After I come toshop and pay, and they even Teach me how to use... Recommended!
10:21 28 Feb 14
Pretty good service, Q&A in whatsapp.
03:54 14 Dec 18
(Translated by Google) Good clerk service (Original) clerk service is very good
07:51 19 Feb 14
I haven't bought the wild, but I have a problem with it!
04:00 18 Feb 14
Asking about the price of the goods will reply as soon as possible, and the pragmatic and positive attitude is appreciated. it is good!
04:34 11 Jan 14
BRAVO ~ *PS.. The atmosphere is free and unrestrained, and the partner is regarded as the same as the family, and the heart is strong.
01:46 19 Dec 13
Very helpful and fast shipping:)
04: 23 25 Oct 13
Hard! Super appreciation!
15: 52 18 Oct 13
There are many varieties of goods, complete, professional!