Computer recording set

I heard a guest ask me in the day.:I am a beginner,I want to record my own singing.I should buyDCan you record the sound first??If you buy it yourself, you will be surprised to buy it./Xi Yan himself..

I will launch the left this time.4RecordingPackage,Convenient oneDRock rock began to contact both friends~

And my land is rolling out left.4IndividualPackage,Include: STARTER, SINGER, COACH, PRODUCER

And getting startedSTARTER Already included a recording microphone on the left,OneInterface,A professional monitor headset is connectedinterfaceUsing both lines,Plug and play,Even if the first brother used it, there is no difficulty., interfaceSelf package leftsoftware

I choose leftScarlett solo 3rd generationBothInterface,Just activate the product and you candownloadRecording software!I’m so worried about buying it, I’m going to buy it, I’m going to know it.

And my placeproducerThe series is already in place.Mic+shock mount+pop filter+Voice board+ MIC standWait for equipment,Just$ 4090 It is already possible to build a house to achieve professional levelhome studio