JBL CV 3000 series passive speaker

The entire portfolio offers eight (3000) models comprised of main speakers (with two coverage options), a stage monitor and a subwoofer: CV8 (3010) Two-way speaker, 10° x 90°), CV90/3012 (66” two-way speaker, 12° x 60°), CV60/3012 (99” two-way speaker, 12° x 90°), CV90M ( 3012” two-way stage monitor, 12° x 90°), CV90/3015 (66” two-way speaker, 15° x 60°), CV60/3015 (99” two-way speaker, 15° x 90°) , CV90 (dual 3025" two-way speaker, 15° x 60°) and CV60S (3018" subwoofer).

All the eight models use JBL patent high frequency compression driver and tailor-designed low frequency driver, and are capable of amplification sound in high definition, low distortion and low power compression. To improve its performance in frequency response, the new series decides on cabinet Made from quality plywood and positions its transducers based on meticulous calculation and simulation for minimum resonance vibration and light weight. The 12” and 15” main speakers offer two horn options (60° x 60° and 90° x 90°) for balanced audience Coverage in small to large spaces.

CV3000 Series designs its cabinet to meet different installation requirements. All the main speakers and the subwoofer provide multiple M10 threaded points and one 35mm socket for flying suspension and pole mounting. Two handles are available in each model for easy transport and setup. NL4MP Neutrik Speakon® connectors allow loop-through connection of multiple speakers. Different to other product family, CV3000 Series models are finished in DuraFlexTM coating for increased wear-resistance and extended longevity.

With its eight models, CV3000 Series is versatile for background music playback, stage performance, or parties in small-to-large-size restaurants, canteens, cafes or hotel ballrooms, etc., and targets to bring its installers or users with exceptional acoustic Performance, usability and reliability.